2017-18 Season Long Products

The Welcome Home Sale

Ralph DesLauriers founded Bolton Valley in 1966 and ran the mountain until the late 1990's. After a 20 year hiatus the DesLauriers family, along with local investors, have purchased the mountain, bringing the DesLauriers' back home to Bolton Valley. The DesLauriers' are inviting everyone to join them by extending the early pricing on season passes through April 30.


Bolton Valley Assumption and Acceptance of Risk, Release and Indemnity Agreement and Form Selection Agreement.

2017-18 Seasonal Lockers and Ski/Board Leases

Prices do not include 6% Vermont Sales Tax

  Through April 30          May 1 - Sept. 25            
Seasonal Locker Rental  $179 TBA Buy Online

Ski Lease: All Ages (Upgrade to twin tips at checkout for an additional $60)

 $99 TBA Buy Online
Snowboard Lease: All Ages  $99 TBA Buy Online
If you already leased skis for the season, you can upgrade them to the twin tip skis for $60   $60 TBA Buy Online


2017-18 Season Long Ski and Ride School Programs

Prices do not include lift tickets. Lift ticket or season pass are required for all program participants. Prices include 6% Vermont Sales Tax.

  Through April 30  May 1 - Sept. 25      

Ridge Runner (Ski Only)
Age 4-12

Buy Online
Ridge Rider (Snowboard Only)
Age 6-12
$649 TBA Buy Online
Mini Runner
(Ski only-half day Saturday or Sunday, mornings only. Age 4 only.)


Buy Online
Mini Rider (Snowboard Only) $349 TBA Buy Online


2017-18 Ski and Snowboard Tune Packages

BV Sports offers three levels of Tune 5-Packs. Each Tune 5-Pack gets you five tunes that you can use any time until the end of next season. Tune 5-Packs may be used for multiple pairs of equipment and may be used for family or friends. Tunes are valid until the end of the 2017-18 ski season only. Expires April 1, 2018. No credits, refunds, or extensions. Not valid for resale.

Bronze Tune 5-Pack: A bronze tune includes quick wax, edge sharpening, and base finish with belt. $80

Silver Tune 5-Pack: A silver tune includes quick wax, edge sharpening, and base finish with the stone grinder. $112.50

Gold Tune 5-Pack: A gold tune includes a hot iron wax, edge sharpening, base finish with the stone grinder, and hand edge polishing. $157.50

Buy your Tune 5-Pack Now

All 2017-18 season long tunes, lockers, ski/board leases and season long ski and ride school programs are valid for the 2017-18 Season which is expected to run from December 2017 to early April 2018 weather and snow conditions permitting. Season tunes, lockers, ski/board leases and season long ski and ride school programs do not begin until the start of the 2017-18 Season.

1. Season Passes are non-refundable, and no rollovers to the following season will be allowed. No refund will be made in the event the passholder is unable, for any reason, to use the Season Pass during the 2017-2018 season; or if the resort has limited operations or closure at anytime during the season.

2. Use of the Season Pass by anyone other than the person to whom the Pass is issued, or of a Pass reported "LOST" may result in confiscation of Pass and revocation of privileges at Bolton Valley and/or prosecution for theft.
3. Passholder agrees to carry and voluntarily display the pass at all times when using lift and ski/snowboard facilities.
4. All sales are final. A Pass is non-refundable and non-transferable to any other person for any reason.
5. Loss of a Pass must be reported immediately to Bolton Valley Guest Services. A Pass will be replaced for a fee of $50.00. The original Pass will be deactivated/made invalid. No person may hold more than one Pass. With the purchase of "Pass Protection", the replacement fee of $50.00 will be waived (1 time only).
6. A Pass may be confiscated and/or privileges revoked for actions which violate the law, area and/or lift rules and regulations, resort rules and regulations (written or unwritten), or actions that may endanger the Passholder and others. I, the Passholder, agree to follow the NSAA, NSP, & PSIA endorsed "Your Responsibility Code", and Resort rules & policies.
7. De-facing the Pass with stickers, tearing, cutting, or any other means of changing its condition or making it illegible will render the Pass invalid. A de-faced Pass must be replaced for a fee of $50.00 per Pass to retain skiing/riding privileges.
8. Bolton Valley Passholders must purchase a regular lift ticket at the rate of $30.00 when Pass is forgotten. 
9. Any attempt to gain access to Bolton Valley lifts (by a Passholder/Ticket holder) by any fraudulent means will be subject to an imposed fine, Pass/Ticket confiscation, Pass privileges revoked, and subject to prosecution under the State of Vermont theft of services laws at the discretion of Bolton Valley.
10. Pass Protection - Individual benefits entitle passholder to one complimentary pass reprint if pass is lost.
11. Child is age 6 and under. Youth is ages 7-17. Senior is ages 65-74. Senior Plus is 75 and over. Passholder age is determined by their age on 12/1/17.