Corporate Race League

And that’s a wrap, folks… thanks for another great year of racing together!

Finals Week Results

Thank you all for another great year or racing…
Will get this week’s results posted shortly, but here’s the 2024 podium for ya!

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2023-24 Schedule & Results

2023-24 ScheduleRace Week
January 4Captain’s Meeting
January 11Practice Week, 6-7pm
January 18Week 1 Results
January 25Week 2 Results
February 1Week 3 Results
February 8Week 4 Results
February 15Week 5 Results
February 22Week 6 Results
February 29Week 7
March 7Finals Week

Sorry youngsters, this one’s for the adults. Ages 18+ registrants only please and thank you.

Rules & Regulations:
1. Top 4 individual times (after adjustment made to raw time based on equipment/gender/age) on each team each week are counted toward the team total. BUT one of those 4 times MUST be from a non-male gender… If a team doesn’t have at least one racer of a non-male gender racing that week, the team’s 4th time that week will be made up of the slowest finishing racer’s time of all the racers that week plus 10 seconds.
2. All substitutions MUST be submitted by Tuesday at noon before that Thursday’s race. No last minute subs. In fact, this year you will simply fill out and submit an online form with all the requested info as needed.
3. After each race, “handicapped” race results will be posted to this site by noon on Friday the day after racing.
4. All protests are due by noon the following Monday, before results are posted as FINAL by Wednesday morning.
5. Handicap Adjustment Chart: Available Here
6. Weather permitting, we’ll have 8 weeks of racing (7 weeks + finals) – however many weeks we pull off, your team’s worst placing “regular season” week gets dropped. Finals week is worth the same points as any other week, BUT is ALWAYS included in final race results and NEVER dropped as your worst week.
7. Every racer will need a valid ticket or pass. There are no discounted tickets or season passes for Corporate Race League. If a ticket is needed, buy online before the day of racing to save money.

Here’s how we handicap your racers

Substitution Request Form
Due by Tuesday at Noon Week of Racing

Registration closed for 2023-24 season for both team (8 people, $700) and individual registrations ($100/head).
Hope you can join us for the 2024-25 season!
Stay tuned for more details in fall 2024 for that one, but chances are same 2 steps as this year when the time comes:
1. Register Here – Closed for 2023-24 Season.
Signups for 2024-25 season begin in fall 2024.
(1 registration form per team OR individual please)
2. Pay Here – in case you still owe us for this year 😉 Prices TBD for 2024-25 season.