Corporate Race League

Nov. 19, 2020 Update:
The 2020-21 Season of Corporate Race League Has Been Cancelled
We held out hope as long as we possibly could, but with the recent surge in COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel Corporate Race League this season with hopes of coming back better than ever for the 2021-22 season.

The 2019-20 Corporate Race League Season That Was:
A new champion emerges…
Congratulations to Team Misfits your 2019-20 Beer League Champion!

It was quite a year… 22 teams “competing,” for the podium, but in the end it was really a 3 horse race. Defending champions (and MANY time champion over the years) Teams Gnarl found themselves neck and neck all season long with the Misfits and Team Beer was right there nipping at their heals if either should falter. Once the worst weeks were dropped heading into the finals on March 12, we had ourselves a tie for the top spot, so it would all come down to that final night… and oh, what a night! By the very slimmest of margins, Team Misfits eeked out the victory with a team time of 74.36 while Team Gnarl was just a half second behind with a 74.90. Doesn’t get a whole lot closer than that, folks.

We hope you all had as good a time as we did and a big thank you to the tremendous team of race timers, course setters and “gate keepers” that put in all the hours week in and week out to make this thing happen. Not to mention the delicious wood-fired pizza everyone seemed to enjoy all season long… we’ll see you next year!

Team Name FinalsTotal
Team Gnarl20148
PC Hammers22135
FROST 218130
FROST 116120
Ptex & Patchouli17115
Husky Hooligans15103
Notorious H&B1497
Team Clean1079
In It For The Apres975
Chug Along774
KW Cappers1368
PFC Slip and Fall860
TC Frozen Suds357
Wild Things1251
Save Me a Seat at the Bar545
Flex Realty143
Debbie Downhillers4 38
Frost Drillers1131

There are 3 tabs on the Results spreadsheets:
1. Team Scores 2. Individual Results 3. Team Detail Scores

Protests for the prior week’s racing, results are due by the Monday following a race at Noon.
Substitution requests are due by the Tuesday before that week’s race at noon. We’ve granted some leniency (an hour here, an hour there) the first few weeks, but with 3 weeks of racing behind us the Monday and Tuesday noon deadlines are now firm for the rest of the season.

Waves Times
1st6:30 – 7pm
2nd7 – 7:30pm
3rd7:30 – 8pm
Week Date 1st Wave2nd Wave3rd Wave
1 (Cancelled)16-JanGreen RedBlue
36-FebGreen RedBlue
520-FebBlue GreenRed
627-FebGreen RedBlue
Finals12-MarBlue GreenRed

Apologies to our beloved youth skiers and riders, this weekly race series is for adults only (18+).

To Pay For Your Team Please:
– To pay $650 online, go to this link: Corporate Race League Payment
– To pay for your team by phone, call (802) 434-6867

Rules & Regulations:
1. Top 4 individual times on each team each week are counted toward team total. If there isn’t at least one racer of the opposite gender in the top 4, the team suffers a penalty that week (basically we take the slowest finishing racer’s time and add 10 seconds and add that as your 4th team time for that week).
2. All substitutions MUST be submitted by Tuesday at noon before that Thursday’s race. No last minute subs, sorry. Please email subs to: [email protected] We intend to have an online form that will be here very soon, but we just haven’t gotten ‘er done yet, so please email for time being. Thanks
3. After each race, “handicapped” race results will be posted to this site late that night or early the next morning.
4. All protests are due by noon the following Monday, before results are posted as FINAL by Tuesday.
5. Handicap Adjustment Chart: Available Here
6. Weather permitting, we’ll have 8 weeks of racing – however many weeks we pull off, your team’s worst placing week gets dropped. Finals week is worth the same points as any other week, BUT is ALWAYS included in final race results and NEVER dropped as your worst week. Not a week to miss anyway, as will be a small awards reception and catered dinner in Fireside Flatbread Dining Room following the racing that evening.

Results from the 2018-19 Season

Team NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7FinalsTotal
TEAM GNARL25252525Drop252525175
4 X 4 CENTER242423242424Drop23166
FROST 22323Drop2120221922150
FROST 1212122Drop22212119147
PTEX & Patchouli2219212219Drop2320146
PC HAMMERS2020Drop2021161721135
Teton TicklersDrop17191716202017126
Husky Hooligans18Drop171817181818124
KICK ASTRONAUTS191820Drop18172.512106.5
S Turn Sliders151515Drop151416696
NOTORIOUS H & B101114131311Drop1486
CHUG ALONG91313Drop111391583
PFC SLIP & FALL162.5Drop1696151680.5
Team CleanDrop91214121213880
GATE CRASHERS1412712Drop914573
Upside Down VT121010Drop145111173
KW Cappers5Drop8118812456
VIP Debbie DownhillersDrop561010410752
FLEX REALTY1175152Drop8250
WORK ARD…PLAY ARD684Drop637943
SAVE ME A SEAT AT THE BAR!82.5Drop9772.5339
DARK BEER42.5385Drop5128.5

(Spreadsheets below have 3 tabs each: Team Scores, Individual Results & Team Detail Scores)