Corporate Race League

Week 3 Preliminary Results

There are 3 tabs on the results: 1. Team Scores, 2. Individual Results, 3. Team Detail Scores

PROTESTS due by Monday at Noon –> email [email protected] with clear subject line

Live “Raw” Timing for Week 3

SUBS due by Tuesday at Noon

Substitution Request Form

Leaderboard Through Week 3 Preliminary Results
(protests could alter leaderboard)

Results Could Adjust Pending Protests

Starting Waves

Friendly reminder if you’re in the last wave (7:30-8) to please get your first run in before 7:45 – if there are no “open” racers on course at 7:50, race team may clean up early as they start to freeze up with inactivity

2022 ScheduleRace WeekReults
January 5Virtual Captain’s Meeting
January 12Cancelled for lack of snow
January 19Race Week 1Final Results
January 26Race Week 2Final Results
February 2Race Week 3
February 9Race Week 4
February 16Race Week 5
February 23Race Week 6
March 2
(bye week)
– – –
March 9Race Week 7
March 16Finals
(If needed / doable)
March 23
Finals (IF we still have the snow pack
AND we have to postpone another week
of racing)

2022 Results | 2021 – No Race League | 2020 Results

Sorry youngsters, this one’s for the adults. Ages 18+ registrants only please and thank you.

Here’s how we handicap your racers

Rules & Regulations:
1. Top 4 individual times on each team each week are counted toward team total. If there isn’t at least one racer of a non-male gender in the top 4, the team suffers a penalty that week (basically we take the slowest finishing racer’s time and add 10 seconds and add that as your 4th team time for that week).
2. All substitutions MUST be submitted by Tuesday at noon before that Thursday’s race. No last minute subs. In fact, this year you will simply fill out and submit an online form with all the requested info as needed.
3. After each race, “handicapped” race results will be posted to this site by noon on Friday the day after racing.
4. All protests are due by noon the following Monday, before results are posted as FINAL by Wednesday morning.
5. Handicap Adjustment Chart: Available Here
6. Weather permitting, we’ll have 8 weeks of racing (7 weeks + finals) – however many weeks we pull off, your team’s worst placing “regular season” week gets dropped. Finals week is worth the same points as any other week, BUT is ALWAYS included in final race results and NEVER dropped as your worst week.
7. Every racer will need a valid ticket or pass. There are no discounted tickets for Corporate Race League. If a ticket is needed, buy online before the day of racing for $25 ($5 for a new RFID card you can reload after initial purchase if you don’t have an old card) and $29 day of.

PLEASE NOTE – we will look to do something for finals week, but it will not include a catered dinner (in the cost of your registration) this season, thought we will of course have delicious food offerings finals week just like every other! Our costs across the resort have gone up substantially (labor, diesel fuel for grooming, food, etc) and we figured instead of boosting registration by an appropriate margin to capture the normal expenses associated with our weekly raffles and catered finals dinner, we’d instead just do a more conservative awards/raffle weekly and nix the catered dinner on finals week altogether.

As in years past, we anticipate the majority of the post-race gathering will happen in the Fireside Dining Room across the hall from the James Moore Tavern, but we will remain agile/open to holding at least the raffle component out on the deck should folks prefer not to gather inside. Thanks for your continued support, agility and understanding as we continue to do what we think is best for everyone’s comfort and safety. And whatever form the post race gathering takes, we can’t wait to see you!