It’s Cooler Up Here

Creemee & Outdoor Pool in the Mountains

Rumor has it it’s hot down below? We wouldn’t really know…

Pro Tips for Thriving in the Summer Heat:

1. Drive up the Access Road. When you arrive in Vermont’s highest base area ski resort elevation, you’ll notice it’s already 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding valleys and 15 degrees cooler at the summit!

2. And yes indeed the air is thinner up here with a nice breeze, which means less humid and more energy for you and your crew!

3. Instead of pedaling or hiking up the mountain, ride the lift… sit back, relax, eat a snack, and enjoy the scenic views around you (both up and down, if you’d like to take a round trip scenic lift ride).

4. Let gravity take you back down (whether by lift, bike or foot) and enjoy the shade if you’re on our trails.

5. Well done, you deserve a creemee, frosty beverage, breakfast/lunch from the Base Café and/or dinner from the James Moore Tavern (or Fireside Flatbread on Mon/Tue). Hours of Operation.

6. Pop in the new outdoor pool or one of Vermont’s many legendary swimming holes on your way back down the Access Road… although if you stay up here with us, why leave?