Early Season Foliage Standouts

red leaf on work road gravel

Somehow we find ourselves already in the latter days of September, with autumn officially beginning over this weekend. So many changes from rain to heat accompanied the tail-end of this summer that the gradual descent into fall has been almost an afterthought. Just like that however, small islands of orange and red are popping up in the green forests all over the mountain as the first few trees change their coats for winter.

The first few bright spots of color around the base area are the maple trees, currently displaying varying degrees of green-to-red gradient. Bushes planted around the base area are beginning to turn their leaves as well, and listed below are three specific plants that stand out in their early foliage blooms this year.

Red Maple – Acer Rubrum September 18, 2023

Sugar Maple – Acer Saccharum September 18, 2023

Winged Spindle – Euonymus Alatus September 18, 2023

We will continue to follow these trees in particular as well as any other outstanding color patches around the mountainside as fall continues, stay tuned for further updates!