New LED Night Skiing Lighting for 19-20!

We are so excited to announce our full transition to LEDs for the coming ski season and beyond!   This will not only improve the overall night skiing experience, but also help to increase our efficiency and help mitigate our environmental impact.  This transition is made possible through a combination of private investment paired with an over the counter rebate program offered by Efficiency Vermont.

This switch to LEDs, paired with our high efficiency snow guns and transition to electric power for snowmaking, is a part of our ever-evolving effort to minimize our carbon footprint.  

Our president, Lindsay Deslauriers, had some words to say on the matter.  “Night skiing is a part of who we are in this community” said Lindsay, “It’s so easy to zip up here after work to get in some runs – and getting outside on the slopes like that at the end of the day feels so good. I’m really excited. I think people are going love the quality of these lights and it’s just going to make the skiing that much better.”