Babe Force – Spring Mountain Training

Woman sits cross-legged in the Progression Park facing forward

A Little About Me

Hey, I’m Kate! I’ve been a strength and mobility coach for the past eight years and I’ve worked with young athletes to more experienced athletes, and everyone in between. My love of movement came from a young age as I grew up participating in a variety of sports such as basketball, tennis, swimming, and track and field. Unfortunately, I experienced several injuries as a youth athlete, and it wasn’t until I was a coach myself that I realized these injuries could have been prevented or at least mitigated with a proper strength and mobility program. As an adult, I am still an athlete, and my go-to hobbies are pretty much anything that can be done outdoors, Vermont…am I right?? It is my goal and mission to keep athletes and outdoor enthusiasts doing what they love for as long as they darn well please. Once an athlete, always an athlete.  

Let’s Spring into Action

On April 26, Babe Force is launching a brand new, 4-week mountain activity prep series. The first three weeks will be focused on getting our joints and muscles ready to take on the gnarly effects of our spring hobbies, whether it be hiking, trail-running, biking or d. all of the above. We know these super fun activities can take a toll on the body and so why not prepare best we can to be strong and resilient? Week four will be a group hike up to the Bolton fire tower, weather permitting. 

This series is for those of you who love to get outdoors every chance you get and who are looking to stay strong and injury-free this spring season. Everyone can benefit from adding more strength and mobility training to their endurance sports, plus, making a few extra friends never hurt anyone.    

Join us as we empower each other to build knowledge, strengthen our bodies, and gain more confidence in our journeys to becoming more fearless athletes out on the trails. 

What? 60-min strength + mobility class

Why? Get stronger, mitigate injuries

Where? Sports Complex @ Bolton Valley

When? 5:30-6:30pm on 4/26, 5/5, 5/10, 5/19 (On 5/19 *weather permitting* we’ll go on a hike to the Fire tower afterwards)

What To Bring? Water/sports drink