Letters From Lindsay: Vol. 3

That magical hour where Bolton Valley's legendary sunsets intersect with the onset of night skiing and riding all winter long

BV Community, 

I want to reach out to everyone in our BV Family to thank you so much for the outpouring of support that we have received following our decision to shut down on Sunday.   

Of course, everyone knows how much we love the winter and the community we have up here – and how great March always is. It’s my favorite month on the hill.  I’ll miss seeing all the babies come out in the warm spring weather to ski their first runs between mom and dad’s legs on the Mighty Mite.   I’ll miss the sunny après ski on the JMT deck.  And I’ll miss the sunsets across the valley and over the lake as I pull down my goggles to ski some sweet corn snow on Showtime, Spillway or Cobrass.   

Needless to say, this was a hard decision.  For all those reasons, of course, but also because with it came the even harder necessity of letting our staff go early.  As a small business, the people that we work so closely with throughout the winter get to be like family.  It’s a strange feeling to have the vibrancy of our winter community come to such an abrupt end.  But I know we’re not alone in this. In fact, we’re all in this together as businesses, individuals, and families  – we are all having to make hard calls right now – worrying about our parents, finding ways to take care of our kids while schools are shut down, figuring out how to keep on making a living or to live on less for a while.  We will all have to find ways to get through this unexpected shut down and its repercussions.   

But, as a state and as a country, I believe we are doing the right thing.  I look at the news coming out of Italy and I think – if we can spare ourselves the magnitude of the tragedy that they are experiencing through this, it is worth it.   

I’m so thankful to be in Vermont – a state still small enough for us to band together and take care of each other.  I know that our state officials are working hard to help Vermonters find their way out of this.  And as for Bolton Valley – we have all of you – so I know we’ll be okay.   

I can’t wait to see you again soon.  Though we’re saying an early good bye to the ski season, I’m hopeful we will have the summer to look forward to and I can’t wait to see many of you back on the hill in the warmer months – healthy, happy, and getting back outside!   

Thank you all so much for being a part of Bolton Valley.   

With love,