Snow flies in November

Snow covered Village Circle with mountain backdrop.

Hannah here, one of your snow reporters from last season! Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time gazing out the windows onto the ski runs. The days have been getting shorter and colder, which only means one thing. Winter is coming!! 

Today was different though, it snowed!!! The first real snowfall of the 21-22 winter season!! Our staff and Bolton Valley locals couldn’t be more excited to see those white flurries falling from the sky. With only 23 more days until our targeted opening date, the stoke is extremely high up here at 2,100 feet ;). 

In the span of 6 hours, we got around 4 inches of snow!! First it was heavy wet snow, great for making a base then it began to fall lighter and fluffier giving it an appearance of twice the amount. This isn’t even including the inch that we got the final week of October on the Vista Peak! Bringing the 21-22 season total to 5 inches! 

Stay tuned for our official opening day announcement! 

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