Is that the “Pink Panther?” No, it’s the BV snow stake.

The pink snow stake sits coated with a fresh layer of snow from the past storm.

I was only a month into my new job with a new boss when I made an outrageous request. I had been handed my first project to conduct alone. The project was to be in charge of making Bolton Valley’s brand new snow stake. Over the past few years, we’ve used various measuring tools and smaller snow stakes to track our snowfalls, but this year we wanted to step up our game. 

In order for the snow stake to really be new and improved, I asked my boss if we could paint it. He agreed but he had one question, “What color?” 

This very moment is where our dynamic was forever changed, where my true colors really showed, and where I put myself out on a limb. My first and only answer to this simple question was Hot Pink. 

The look in his eyes when he heard those words come out of my mouth shuttered from confusion to skepticism to dumbfounded. I could tell right away he was not down for my amazing idea, but after some discussion and explanation of how good of an idea it would be, it was set. The new snow stake would be Hot Pink. 

Maybe you’ve seen it around? Peeking through the trees perhaps? Or maybe seen it on your way over to Wilderness Lift? It’s always out and about waiting to get buried by fresh snowflakes. Maybe you’ll even spot the snow reporter clearing off the snow or measuring recent snowfall?

For now, it’s been rather shy since the start of the season but with almost 7 feet of snow in 2021 alone the Hot Pink snow stake is ready to be seen. Next time you are up at Bolton Valley, see if you can spot the bright pink snow stake. We know it’s not a monolith but it’ll do, right?