Peak Foliage in the Not-So-Green Mountains!

Foliage Shot 2023 from the air

Autumn 2023 has reached its apex, and the hues are phenomenal. We are officially calling October 6th the pinnacle of Bolton Valley’s foliage season. This is right on course with last year (October 5) and the year prior (October 7). The long summer of rain in combination with this unprecedented stretch of sunny days this fall have made for some deep saturation in high elevation woods this year.

Historically we get clusters of blaze orange leaves popping up all around the valley, but this year the reds have really stood out. The foliage trees interspersed among the spruces as you go higher up into the hills is really something to behold every year. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to ride up our chairlift and ride or walk back down, check out a scenic lift ride up to the top of Vista Peak! Hiking is great too, whether you’re hitting up Harrington’s View for that combination BV and Mansfield shot or just scooting up to the Timberline Mid-Station for that big-sky valley lookout, but we wouldn’t blame you for taking the lift up while it’s still spinning!

Speaking of which, the last day of bike park operations will be Sunday 10/15, and just like last year we will be tiering our ticket prices that day based on the temperature at the peak of vista at the time! That’s right, it’s the return of the Bolton Bundle-Up. Get those last few laps in on your bike before we start the switch back to winter ops, hope to see you out there!