Closing in on Foliage Peak Week

Orange Leaves of Vermont Fall Frame the Chair Lift

As anticipated, we are nearing peak foliage here on the mountain. Last year we went ahead and called it on October 7 and this year may not look too dissimilar when all is said and done. While not a perfect science to call the peak day, the process sure is rewarding. No matter how long I’ve lived here in Vermont (for over 30 years of my life now) the dazzling display of fall colors never ceases to amaze me. And though as I look out my window here as I sit at my home on the south end of Burlington, it seems foliage has barely just begun, but that is certainly not the case at elevation just a short drive away.

After the prolonged rain of mid to late September, we’ve seen a steady stretch of dry skies and sunshine now and the leaves are showing their appreciation. The bronze and crimson hues that dominated the canopy early last week have begun to give way to a softer pastel palette more reminiscent of cantaloupes, peaches and golden blonde lemon gelato. And though all the views are spectacular this time of year, starting with the progression of colors as you drive up the access road framed by the trees, for whatever reason the one that always gets me is the way the glacial bowl frames the main base area village. From several vantage points (whether hiking, biking or taking a scenic lift ride Friday to Sunday 10am to 5pm through Sun 10/16, conditions permitting) off of Vista and Timberline peaks you can see the base lodge and hotel framed by the brilliant colors… throw in the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain further west and the chair lifts framed in there nicely and there’s just something so comforting about it all.

Hope to see you around the mountain soon!