Intro to the Terrain Park

The terrain park is always grabbing people’s attention, whether it’s from the chairlift above or maybe you have skied through the park and have been tempted to try something out but were too intimidated. Here are some tips on how to introduce yourself to the park!

Prior to this blog I have never attempted the park but I have always seen gnarly videos of people doing jumps and tricks and thought, “how hard can that be?”. Well… I was wrong, it is not as easy as it looks, and I was quickly humbled. Learning from my own mistakes my first tip is to start small. I did not follow my advice and chose to try the thinnest rail as my first attempt, and ended up falling hard. The next run I was too scared to even hop onto the rail because of what happened last time.

Don’t make the same mistake as me, progression is key, especially in the park. For example, practice on a box, then go sideways on a box, then try out a fat rail until eventually you could do a regular rail.

This leads me to my next tip: Don’t be afraid to fail. This does not apply to just the park but anything ski and ride. At least you are out there trying and making the most of your time while learning something new. What may be easy for one person may be a big step for another.

Freestyle skiers make it look so effortless and have their own style and lingo to them. But for others it can be intimidating, especially if the park is under the chairlift. The terrain park can seem like its own little world but it is important to learn the etiquette of the park to keep yourself and others safe. Make sure you wait your turn, give each other space, and clear the landings.

Lastly, don’t be scared and have fun!

Overall, everyone’s challenges are different but the goal is the same, shred and have some fun. And if I am being honest I just wanna learn some tricks to ask Red Bull for a sponsorship. Stay tuned for another first time experience at Bolton Valley!