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Nordic Instructor Allee Takes a Quick Nordic Ski at Bolton Valley

As winter in Vermont quickly sets in, Vermont’s gloomy winters become very real. Even worse, socializing safely in regard to Covid-19 guidelines becomes even harder because of the cold and windy weather. No one wants to sit outside and chat at a safe distance when it’s 20 degrees out. 

So looking at this winter, we knew in the summer that the best way to socialize was outside, keeping a safe distance, and wearing masks. Now how do we transfer that mentality from going to a park, a beach, a hike, etc. to something that will keep you warm and still be enjoyable in the winter? So what are your options? Sit inside until the weather starts to warm up in April, or maybe explore some other options on how to get outside and socialize with your family and friends this winter in a safe manner?

Bolton Valley is trying extremely hard to make this season work for locals who come up weekly, out of staters who come up annually, and people who might be interested in coming up here for the first time. We pride ourselves that Bolton Valley is not just a place for downhill Skiing and Snowboarding; we offer so much more than that. 

Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and backcountry skiing, and riding are also activities we offer on a daily basis in the winter season. We also do not require reservations, but booking rentals and lessons in advance is highly encouraged. 

Lessons and Rentals can be booked for Skiing and Riding in the Backcountry on uphill equipment, Nordic (skate or classic ski), and snowshoeing. If you are interested, please click the link here

There’s something for everyone in the whole family to do! Plus our prices are incredibly family friendly as well. Our rentals come in many different sizes! Bolton Valley offers 15 trails for snowshoeing, nordic, and backcountry that are only a few feet from where you pick up your rentals. Not many places in Vermont have rental gear for all three activities with trails that close to the building!