A Resort Walk Through With President Lindsay

We’re doing things a bit differently this year up on the hill. Long story short, we’ve made some changes in order to operate as safely and efficiently as possible. Watch as President Lindsay takes us through the new flow of the resort and sheds some light on some of these new processes.

While this may not answer all of your questions, we see this as a good starting place if you’re thinking of heading up the hill for the first time this season. For more resources check out…

BoltonValley.com/Success for more tips on how to prepare for your arrival

BoltonValley.com/Health-Safety for up to date info on how we are dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Boltonvalley.com/Here for anything you may need after you have arrived

Things are different this year, and in a lot of ways trickier, but there’s no reason why this winter can’t be a great one! We look forward to seeing you up on the hill!